Major Arson Investigation Seminar

Integrated EOD Concepts in association with NVIAAI present Major Arson Investigation Seminar

The intent of this conference is to bring in various experts who have handled many of these major cases in their careers. These experts, through several case histories and detailed analysis will give the attendee a deep look into all aspects of dealing with major arson investigations. This includes task force and multi-agency operations, working with police and fire chiefs, and dealing with the media. The speakers will be candid about the many positive and negative aspects of working in task forces and the numerous pitfalls and benefits of interacting with the media. Highly sophisticated investigation strategies will be discussed and explained, as well as the detailed analysis of the complex issues involved in prosecuting cases of this magnitude.

This conference is for prosecutors, police and fire supervisors, crime analysts, and arson investigators who want to take their investigations up to the next level of expertise.

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